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Various Artists - Positive Alchemists 3

Various Artists - Positive Alchemists 3
LabelAvigmatic Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Protoculture - Revolutionizer
02 Life Extension vs Crying Freemen - Let Me Out
03 Didrapest vs Mixed Emotions - Time Stratch
04 Intersys vs Optical Vision - Systematic
05 Space Buddha - Dream On
06 Bio Tonic - Do The Same Thing
07 Sine Die - Eclipse
08 Digicult - Magic
09 Evoice vs Digital Tribe - Freak Out
10 Avigmati - Hikoseki

This compilation consists of present well-known psy trance projects that appear on a lot of compilations, DJ sets and live acts world wide, mainly Protoculture, Space Buddha and Bio-tonic.

Apart from that, the compilation features some new but already well-known projects, Didrapest and Mixed Emotions, Life Extension, Crying Freemen, Digicult, Intersys, that have all became very quickly known for a lot of killer tracks and live-acts.

Next we have some debut talented artists that are worth listening and promoting, including Sine Die, Optical Vision, Evoice, Digital Tribe and of course the trance project Avigmati (KhetzaL & DJ Chaï).

This compilation represents a taste of well-known and debut artists, a positive listening experience, the main time energetic trance with as much melodic content as possible. This release represents the state-of-the-art of present psy trance production, modern sounds and beats, without forgetting the real melodic and positive trance spirit, inherited from early goa trance.