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Various Artists - Psychedelic Vibes 5

Typecompilation, CD


01 Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity
02 Tarsis - Atomic Children (Remix)
03 Children of the Doc - Bionic Bong
04 Domestic - Metal Sense
05 E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned
06 X-Dream - Rain
07 Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Remix)
08 Three Drives On a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Man With No Name remix)
09 Neuwerk - Outland

Children of the Doc - Bionic Bong

'..., the music is the soundtrack of your life'

'Rejection is all I've known and all I shall ever know. Untill, that is, I at last find acceptance when I drag my tortured, withered carcas to the boneyard and fall gratefully into the sweet, blissfull bosom of the grave.'