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Various Artists - Psycomex Part 7 EP

Various Artists - Psycomex Part 7 EP
LabelAP Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Lamat & Mayan Complex - Extraterrestrial Life
02 Lamat - Hi Thinking
03 Trancelussion - Wonder By Radio (Neolussion Remix)
04 A.X.L - Freedom Revolution

Psycomex EP7 is a taster of the coming Psycomex - Tlaloc CD compilation, the 4th in the Psycomex series. Psycomex series presents the best of Psy Trance from Mexico & the Psycomex EP Vinyl line delivers the finest of Psycomex on Vinyl. Psycomex EP7 contains 4 totally top-notch Fullon tracks.

On the A side Lamat with 2 tracks, one in collaboration with Mayan
Complex; this is a fantastic Fullon melodic track with a distinctive development & the well known Lamat's clear-crystal sound, only this time its even better empowered by Mayan Complex one of the more sophisticated talents in Mexican Psy Trance, a unique track to be remembered. The 2nd track on the A side is the greatest hit from the last Lamat album. Due to high demand here it is on Vinyl!

Watch out for the break at 3 minutes "now, move it!". Lamat 2nd
full CD album will be released in October this year of 2006 following the full album release of his other project F.F.T in September. On the B side another amazing Fullon track from the Psycomex - Tlaloc CD compilation.

This is the 3rd track release of Trancelussion & hopefully we will see him developing into a full length album artist. AP Records was lucky to
discover & sign the first 2 tracks ever made by one of the most unique
Fullon artists emerging out of Mexico in the last 2 years: A.X.L. the 2nd
A.X.L track was Dr. LSD which was released on Psycomex - Malinali & EP5, and here we bring you the first ever made A.X.L track on Vinyl.