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Various Artists - Ra-Con-Teur

Various Artists - Ra-Con-Teur
LabelD-A-R-K Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Ra-con-teur


01 Jam On ZeD - Into The Woods
02 Devic - Jungle Mangal
03 Distorted Goblin - The Story Teller
04 Electrypnose - Life Is A Sinus
05 Noisy Pipes - Hopscotch
06 Ilmush - Dizziness Of Hand
07 Malice In Wonderland - The Things That Should Not Be
08 Brain Panik - Mental Storm
09 Troglodytes - Form N Content
10 Crazy Ducks - Yaga Baba

DARK is proud to present its third compilation VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008 mastered by Electrypnose. Through this VA compilation, DARK crew based its idea on the Raconteur, an old form of verbal art essentially practiced in countries to entertain the crowd and gather people in a festive ambience. Ra-Con-Teur, storyteller, ought to make you go back in time even before the beginning of Civilization. You will hear a mixture of fairly new upcoming artists and well established projects as follows: Jam on ZeD, Devic, Distorted Goblin, Electrypnose, Noisy Pipes, iLmush, Malice in Wonderland, Brain Panik, Troglodytes and Crazy Ducks. VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008, like the two previous releases on CD, is also a conceptual release. For this release, we intended to bring back Goa's origins into today's music style of psychedelic trance in its pure essence.

Various Artists - Ra-Con-Teur: Front