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Various Artists - Screams Of Nature

Various Artists - Screams Of Nature
LabelD-A-R-K Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Screams Of Nature


01 Khooman - Fear Us
02 Psybetyarok - Attack Of The Mutant
03 Neo Vox - Bigtitspatrol
04 Kundalini Project - Screams of Nature
05 Malice In Wonderland - Run Awa
06 Oxidelic - Kiselina
07 Karash - Flnj
08 Gain Reduction - Swardless
09 Tas - Stoned
10 Sekt - Join Us

Through this second VA compilation, D-A-R-K crew based its idea on the alarms that Mother Nature is sending us more intensevily in the last few years. The artists from all around the world have produced tracks that let the Screams Of Nature interpret by themselves. You will hear a mixture of fairly new upcoming artists and new well established projects as follows: Gain Reduction, Karash, Kundalini Project, Khooman, Malice In Wonderland, Neo Vox, Oxidelic (DJ D-Alien), Psybetyarok (NasCa and Longhi), TAS (Toxic Anger Syndrome) and SEKT.

VA - Screams of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007, as VA Twisted Flavors (DARKCD001) 2006 is also a conceptual release. For this release, we intended to pay respect to our beloved Earth, which we have neglected in the last decades. This compilation ought to make you realize the importance of respecting the nature and to listen at the screams that she makes us hear in the past years in particular. Screams of Nature attempts to unveil the beauty of the beast!