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Various Artists - Return Of The Boom Shanti - Trinity Series 1

Various Artists - Return Of The Boom Shanti - Trinity Series 1
LabelDivine Balance Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Ananda Shake - Return Of The Boom Shanti - Trinity Series 1


01 Loud - Small Talk
02 Chromatone - Evolvelectro
03 Toxical - Chilli Pups
04 Bio Genesis - Atomic Tendencies
05 Delysid - Illicit Patterns
06 Jetlux - Tikpa
07 Divinebalancedevi vs Jeto - Indalien Temple
08 Digicult - The Zen Mind
09 Ananda Shake - Shy Eye
10 Tegma feat. Path Of Paradise - Path 1
11 Lauge - Winter Look

Divine Balance Records is proud to present it's first release, Return of the Boom Shanti- Trinity Series 1. Featuring 11 fresh and delicious unreleased tunes specially created for the DIVINE BALANCE SONIC HEALING PROJECT by inspiring and talented artists globally, in all genres of psychedelic soundz.

This compilation was a collective effort of many artists, labels and families joining in celebrating the healing benefits of sound. All the tracks have been generously donated to promote and raise proceeds for research of SST(Sonic Sound Technology) Compiled by Chicago Label owner, Dj and Dr: Shai aka Divine Balance Devi and the rest of the DBSONIC collective. Return of the Boom Shanti is about the return to healing elements of sound.

The human species suffers from a pervading imbalance because the eye dominates the ear. Many of our problems, ranging from unrest in our relationships to international conflicts, can be minimized through re-evaluating the way we view, utilize, and relate to sound. The Yoga of Sound can help us find balance for ourselves, our communities, and our world. Enjoy this colourful concept of 24 hour full power in one hour from the sunset to the sunrise in one cd.

Also be on the look out for Trinity 2 and 3, due to be released shortly after Trinity 1, with similar concepts and different genres of Dark Psy, Mornin Psy and Downtempo Psy.

Various Artists - Return Of The Boom Shanti - Trinity Series 1: Front