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Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2008

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2008
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Liquid Soul - Out Of The Blue
02 Avalon - Never Enough
03 Zion - Highbrid
04 Organic Hybrid - Alien Invasion
05 Mubali - F#%! Yeah
06 Deviant Species - Carrier (Squid Ink Remix)
07 Plasmotek - The Temple
08 Subconsciousmind - Unpredictalizer
09 Prahlad vs In Ear - Yrr Funk
10 Duca - Snowman

Eleventh magazine and eighth promo CD which I'm sure will continue to satisfy those I've met who have bought the last few, who've said Revolve's promo CDs are their favourites of the year. So if you haven't checked it so far do so as this one I reckon is even better and the magazine's got some important stuff in it as well.

The CD gives you a great bit of variation for not much money and I don't think I've heard a better compilation out there, but that's for you to judge.

Progressive gems from Liquid Soul and Duca at each end of the CD, one a really deep prog psy crossover sound, the latter with great acid-house lines. A great dancefloor favourite in the UK from Avalon, impressive production skills from Zion this tune is the bollocks squelchy psychedelic lines from Organic Hybrid indicative of the UK's quality underground sound and then funky dark psy from Mubali. Deviant Species get a Squidink remix - that's DS and Scorb - there's Plasmotek's deep driving morning sounds, SubConsciousmind's melting lines one of the hits of this year's Boom festival and an awesome morning producer Prahlad's there as well.

If you've never got the magazine before, maybe you should. It's aim to re-evolve the system we're forced to live under examines the truth about the US election and the central banking system controlled there by the Federal Reserve. Also the Bilderbergers and the magic system which ties it all together Kaballah. Interviews with artists and labels from all over the world, festival and party reviews and 40+ CD reviews. And just click and check Luke Brown's cover

Give it a try you might just love it : )

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2008: Front