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Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2008

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2008
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Suns Of Arqa - Govinda's House
02 Beat Bizarre - Stalactite
03 Troll Scientists - Useless Time
04 Sienis - Snakes 'N' Sparklers (Wizack Twizack Remix)
05 Electric Mirror & Miss Sinister - Regan
06 Tron - Prawntrance
07 Journey - Singhvi
08 M Theory - Kaze No Oto
09 Alternative Control - The Puls
10 Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures

Compiled by DJ Photon

This is the tenth magazine and seventh promo CD and this one offers something for everyone with a bit of celtic trancey dub, two progressive tunes, four seriously fat psychedelic darkish or nightime tunes and three more morning-styled tunes. It's hard, funky and psychedelic, exactly how I like to DJ - when I get the chance. This could be the chunkiest CD around at the moment. The variation I think makes it a more interesting listen than most CDs, but yep it has got some seriously tasty tunes to move any dancefloor for any DJs out there.

At its price and with a magazine as well, I'm hoping that more of you will buy it this time so that it can continue. The magazine is shaping up to be one which dives into the inky black/white depths of spirituality. There's stuff in here you really should read!

Articles about the basis of the universe: tai chi, the yin/yang, form and emptiness, meditation and buddhism, a report from the world psychedelic forum, piece on alpha omega in London and interviews with loads of artists.

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