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Various Artists - Royal Straight Flush

Various Artists - Royal Straight Flush
LabelMighty Quinn Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Royal Straight Flush


01 Red - Maat Mons
02 Dark Shire vs Detonator vs Aenaon - Fairy Tale
03 Orestis vs Madness Increazzed - Into The Crypts Of Ravenous Minds
04 Orestis - Am Fear Remix
05 Jellyheadz - Anemone
06 Sonic Scizzor - Jitter Fractal
07 Dejan - Fuck U
08 Puzze Dao - Aquamatrix
09 Red - Rush Crush

The compilation titled Royal Straight Flush includes 9 tracks from producers throughout the world. This will be an intelligent, trippy and insightful underground atmosphere in order to deliver an overall package of excellence.

Mastered by Virgile at Droidsect studio (France)