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Various Artists - Samurai

Various Artists - Samurai
LabelYabai Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Samurai


01 Digital Talk & Outer Signal - No Rules
02 Abomination - Paradive
03 Psychotic Micro - No Going Back
04 B-55 & Frozen Ghost - Disengage
05 Ear Worm - Activation
06 Toxic - Crossing Sords
07 Phatmatix - Samurai
08 Frozen Ghost - Giggly Twig
09 Technodrome - Liquid Night

Dj Atom and Dj Yuji two Samurai guys ' Yuji and Atom' who represent Yabai Records are ready to drop the 3rd compilation!

We can get a Toxic taste strong killer dance floor track with the complation, that was created by Yabai main artist Toxic whose first album is very popular.

Also was taken from same country, Abomination who promissed as a next generation wrote preeminent dash feeling track.

Techonodrome made upper track, but we can feel the play mind in his track and, the super crazy track with heavy metal feeling is colleted from Psychotic Micro who is knowing as well.

The first collaboration track that was created by Digital Talk, veteran from France and a Israely guy Josh from Outer Signal.

And also took the new face, called Earworm from USA. Since last autumn, Phatmatix who joined us and he grows up indispensable artist to the big parties give us the title track 'Samurai'! We collect one track from one of south african next generation artist, Frozen Ghost who will release his 2nd album from Yabai Records in this summer and also collected collaboration track written by him and one of our family, B-55! This compilation was named Samurai, because there are a lot of Samurai spirits!

You can't talk about psy trance without listening these hot 'Samurai Spirits'

Various Artists - Samurai: Front