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Various Artists - Schizm

Various Artists - Schizm
LabelGi'iwa Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Pimperknuckle - Size 8
02 Sattel Battle - Dotman
03 Tamlin - Fjaqek
04 Patrask - Captain insano
05 Alrune - Monkey combat
06 Neuron Compost - Izilop pop
07 Derango - Secret surroundings
08 The Viscious Spiral - Noize in da hood
09 Weird Alchemy - Fucking system

Tamlin - Fjaqek

"I don't do drugs, drugs make me sick, they're bad for your body. Up 'a hope, down with dope!"
Dave Chapelle, Half Baked (1998)

"Are you stoned?", "LSD", "..take LSD?", "How do you feel right now?"
Girl interrupted (1999)

"He high, man, he's hallucinatin', smokin' that shit!" - "He's high!"
Blue Streak (1999)

"I'm filled with a large number of powerful emotions."
Futurama S01E03 - I, Roommate

"Refreshingly addictive!"
The Simpsons S11E05 - E-I-E-I-(Annoyed grunt)

From 'Half Baked', 'Girl interrupted', 'Blue Streak', 'Futurama', 'The Simpsons'

Patrask - Captain Insano

“Speed? Yeah! What do you know about it? You just pass the stuff out. I take it!”

Alrune - Monkey Combat

'So, I see you are trained in the art of monkey combat?'

Various Artists - Schizm: Front
Various Artists - Schizm: Back
Various Artists - Schizm: Back 2
Various Artists - Schizm: Inside
Various Artists - Schizm: Inside 2