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Various Artists - Serve Em 2wice

Various Artists - Serve Em 2wice
LabelPsyBooty Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Equisol - Mokoko
02 M-Field - Grokwave
03 Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Vacuum Stalkers Remix)
04 Etienne - This Moment In Time
05 Prophei - Sickly Fantastic
06 Prosect - In Styled
07 Duca - Pozitiva
08 M-Field - Focus
09 Sound Field - Passion Session

If there ever were a testament to the growing psychedelic trance scene in America PsyBooty Records would be it.

Based in San Francisco, it is one of the hottest labels to grace the States with its influence.

PsyBooty has brought together an eclectic mix of artists from all sorts of musical backgrounds in the United States and elsewhere abroad, such as Serbia, Israel, and Russia, who are simply doing amazing things with music.

Bringing a new sound to what we all know as psy trance, PsyBooty pulls elements from and throws you back to a very vital point in electronic music history... the acid breaks, the 303, the house music what?!?!?

Then they top it all off with a huge psychedelic element to bring it up to date.

From worldwide recognition of tracks such as 'dAAth' produced by Annodalleb (a side project of PsyBooty's prophei and Cyrus Rex) currently touted by Hallucinogen, to the project Behind Blue Eyes, the artists of which currently log releases on Iboga and others under the Beat Bizaare project, PsyBooty hosts true musical veterans and innovators who ride the cutting edge of of 21st century psy trance.

The stellar past achievements and huge future potential of PsyBooty and its artists are ones to be watched. Great things can surely be expected from this label, which has already proven itself to be top-notch in quality.

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Various Artists - Serve Em 2wice: Inside
Various Artists - Serve Em 2wice: CD