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Various Artists - Shadow Enuin 2

Various Artists - Shadow Enuin 2
LabelMoon Koradji Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Access Gremlin - Nordular
02 Digitalian - Micro Syndrome
03 Whrikk - Reaper's Digest
04 Amorphous - Loop Seven 20
05 Purosurpo - Why Is Weird
06 Pandora's Box - Wazubi Klaczubi
07 Traskel - Re-Invention
08 Annoyingninjas - Der Var Ik Dem Der Ik Fik Finger
09 Distorted Goblin - Constant Development
10 Krussedull - Macedonian Yearhouse

There is a place in the universe completely hidden from human eyes. Here rustles of night and breath of mist, whispers of wind and voices of nature create mysterious sense of magic. Colourful stream of supernatural sounds will rush right to your consciousness. Here your thoughts materialize. For those, who prefer the wild mixture of sounds, for travelers between the lands of dreams and reality - Moon Koradji prepared a space flight beyond the borders of understanding. Stars will draw you the way, and music is the key to open the access to the unexplored dimension of the Enuin planet.