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Various Artists - Infinity Keepers

Various Artists - Infinity Keepers
LabelMoon Koradji Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Ocelot - The Hole Is A Bowl
02 Schizobot - Space Dip
03 Digitalist - Screamed Up
04 Silent Horror - Dementia
05 Already Maged - Broomstick Meetings
06 Karash - Magma
07 Magma Ohm - Dr. Leary
08 Olien - Enerdriven
09 Oil - Feed Me To Pigs
10 Fearkiller - Angel Eyes

Under the cover of night, when lightning flashes cut the sky and the shadow of darkness absorbs last sun beam... here comes the dark side of Moon Koradji.

Prayers of Wizard will fly round the Earth with hurricane winds. He turns to the Infinity Keepers in order to touch the secrets, which eternity keeps in its depth. Through music the answers will be received. Through vibes

He will feel the uncontrollable power of nature elements!

Listen and feel...

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