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Various Artists - Shadow Enuin - At The Earth's Edge

Various Artists - Shadow Enuin - At The Earth's Edge
LabelMoon Koradji Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Shotu vs Suddha - Virtual Analog
02 Whrikk - Feet Seeker
03 Gidra - Mute Mutated Mutant
04 Kuro Fusion - Take A Byte
05 Pandoras Box - Natural Afinity
06 Mubali - Spanksgiving
07 Phobos Azazel - Siberia
08 Drury Nevil - Lil Stanky
09 Acid Goblins - Age Of Vampires
10 Tromo - Catacomb

Moon Koradji records is a new born label for supporting of qualitative music production. After years of listening to psychedelic electronic music, going to parties, djing and organizing events DJ Omsun finally unleash his first compilation on the world.

Shadow Enuin - is a unique excursion through the minds and imagination of famous musicians and masters of psychedelic dimension. Enuin - a synthesis of magic and nature, a reflection of trick, free flight under the hidden paths of undiscovered civilisations, an elf-like creature , radiating waves of mystical sounds from the depth of wild soul.

Moon Koradji is proud to introduce you their first licensed CD and leaves three dots for your own comprehension of deserving attention material. Have a nice trip!

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