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Various Artists - Shock Blast

Various Artists - Shock Blast
LabelPsy-Core Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Shock Blast


01 Hujaboy - Metalphysical
02 Safi Connection - Control Freak
03 Mika - Relax (Hologram Remix)
04 2 Minds - Eatio Ratio
05 Safi Connection - Rock Into The Past
06 Psycho Punk - Welcome To My World
07 Raz - Time To fly
08 Psycho Punk - The Beautiful Mind
09 Intergalactic - Back To Earth
10 BPM - Fire Line

Psy-Core records present their first offering with Shock Blast V/A with a mixture of tracks from established producers and emerging talent from the International Psychedelic Trance scene. Designed to move dance floors and excite the mind, this album ranges from the Underground tech edges sounds of Hujaboy to the commercially viable blend of Psy meets Mika remixed by Hologram opening the door to a wider audience without compromise.

Various Artists - Shock Blast: Front