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Various Artists - Soundwaves

Various Artists - Soundwaves
LabelLaugh & Dance Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Miraculix - The Greatest Glory
02 Ultravoice - Heaven Underground
03 Trinodia - Extra Motions
04 2 Minds - Liquid Sky
05 S.O.L. - B 4 Destiny
06 Mixed Emotions - Time On Limited
07 Electroscape - Turn The Tide
08 Indra - Synthesizer
09 Bohemica - El Fauna
10 Shamonk - Yano Mindfunk

"Sound Waves" is the second compilation from upcoming Swedish label "Laugh and Dance Records".
This VA shows that the Scandinavian FullOn is on the move! And that, together with the Israeli sound, there is a new unstoppable force breaking through from up north.The Sound Waves Compilation is filled with Powerful & melodic FullOn trance, giving the listener that phat punch in the guts, over and over again.

After the labels first CD "The Hidden Dimension" there were no questions about whether there was going to be a follow up of the hit track from Swedish trance-duo "Electroscape". And this time they present a truly atmospheric tune which could easily become a new favourite on the energetic dance floors across Europe. Swedish S.o.L and Trinodia are no longer newcomers and they are certain to deliver a well produced sound. Their tracks together with Miraculix set the pace early on in this 80 minute journey of psychedelic frenzy!

The Swedes have built up a good vibe that peaks when the Israeli influences are subtly interwoven to just the right proportion Mixed Emotions and 2-Minds give us mind-blowing melodies and just to spice things up Ultravoice and Indra reminds us of why this combination of Scandinavian and Israeli trance fits so well!
In the end Bohemica and Shamonk present the two final reasons why you should run off to the club straight away and dance instead of calling it a night!

This compilation of Scandinavian Full On will really rock your socks off!!!

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