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Various Artists - Spiritually Spaced Out

Various Artists - Spiritually Spaced Out
LabelShiva Space Technology
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hydraglyph - Illusive Obvious
02 Menog - Alien Control
03 Oil - Bend Over Your Brain
04 Concept - Atomic Zoo
05 Mechanix - Mechanical Turn
06 Slug - The Octagon
07 Wizack Twizack - Jackacid (Khopat Remix)
08 Sick Addiction - Sinister Beauty
09 Scorb vs Tenzing - Simulate Stimulate
10 Shiva - America Wake Up

This careful selected cd describes just the right sunset athmosphere to set the nightly dancefloor into fire. Perfect twilight sound to start the night with or to welcome the morning.

Deep rolling basslines, twisted synthsounds and intelligent arranged melodies, sometimes with a touch of oldschool point in one direction straight forward. This cd is compiled and successfully tested at European Summer festivals by the upcomming german Dj Daksinamurti.

Oil - Bend Over Your Brain

- Open your mouth and let's look at that brain. No, no, not that mouth.
- I only have one.
- Really?
- Is there a human doctor around?
- Young lady, I'm an expert on humans.
- Pick a mouth, open it and say--
- Uh--
- What?!

- Come on! Come on! Kill me already!
- My name's Bender.
- Help! What's happening?
- You are now dead. Thanks for using Stop and Drop.

From 'Futurama' First from S01E02 - Episode Two The Series Has Landed. Second from S01E01 - Space Pilot 3000

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