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Various Artists - Suncokreti

Various Artists - Suncokreti
LabelUltiva Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 California Sunshine - Where Have We Been
02 Ra - Icon
03 E-Mantra - Metempsychosis
04 Chemical Products - Serbia
05 Radical Distortion - Sunrise Zone
06 California Sunshine - Abandoned Souls
07 Travma - Tesla
08 Amanians - Bruxism
09 Jikooha - Rumble Fish

A compilation with previous unreleased gems focused on old school trance sounds and mastered with warm and not "too loud" sound.
All 9 tracks from this compilation are painting a trip across the past and present, highlighted with abstracted notes, acid melodies which will mark many parties and everyone get back to the roots of the psychedelic sound.

"I am what you need," said a golden sunflower. "I am tall and bright. My leaves are food for the animals, my yellow petals can turn plain cloth to gold, my seeds are many and are used for food by all living beings. Yet, the seeds I drop upon the ground can take root and I will grow again and again. I can be your symbol of peace."

- By Georgianna Moore

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