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Various Artists - Tetakawi Tales

Various Artists - Tetakawi Tales
LabelPleiadian Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Psychoz - Tetakawi Tales


01 Psychoz - Intro (Resource & Its Destiny)
02 Blisargon Demogorgon - Adiction Evidence
03 Master Pain - Cannabeat
04 Horror Place - Que Pedo K Maniako
05 Audiopathik - Smells Like A Good Idea
06 Adrenal Glands - Japanese Tourist
07 Plankton - Twilight Zone
08 Vegetal - With Newborn Strenght I Fight Your World
09 Kiriyama - Plastic Love Surgery
10 Xikwri Neyrra - Stress Nebula

Tetakawi is a holy mountain located in San Carlos Sonora named by the natives from northern mexico. This specific location was used over centuries for shamanic rituals and spiritual dances in order to stay in touch with outer space and the uknown. Tetakawi Tales is a compilation that brings out the psychedelic energy gathered in all those years to help you reach another state of consciousness. Pleiadian Records is proud to present its debut compilation made of the juiciest tunes created by some of todays most twisted and demented acts from around the globe. Featuring ten previously unreleased tracks!

Bonus psychedelic video created by Vj Egnogra.

Various Artists - Tetakawi Tales: Front