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Various Artists - The Dark Side of Goa

Various Artists - The Dark Side of Goa
LabelDiscovalley Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Samadhi - Multiverse
02 Fraktal Noise - LSD
03 Innersound - Shadows
04 Candy Power - Witch's Sabbath
05 Metallaxis - The Source
06 Dark Elf - Sauron's Madness
07 Fraktal Noise - Goa
08 Terminator vs Metallaxis - Manipulate
09 Innersound - Fuck The System

Disco Valley Records is proud to present the fifth installment of Dj Teo's brand of masterful psychedelic dance trance.

In this compilation 'Dark Side of Goa' tracks have been chosen carefully and have the signature 'discovalley style' (heavy baselines and hard flowing dance leads).

No noise, no confusion and proper bpms. The new compilation is a giant feat promoting deeply psychedelic bombastic tracks that have been tested at Goa parties with rave reviews.

And now soon also you will be able to share in this masterful enterprise.

Various Artists - The Dark Side of Goa: Front