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Various Artists - Chaporas Tribal Dance

Various Artists - Chaporas Tribal Dance
LabelDiscovalley Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Stranger - Psychopunko
02 Candy Power - Century Crashers
03 Dark Elf - Narcotic
04 Stranger vs Fraktal Noise - Strange Noise
05 Claw - Trauma Kill
06 Brain Core - Psychopunch
07 Fraktal Noise vs Dominator - Chapora Shot
08 Orestis vs Stranger - Alitia
09 Innersound vs Za7zay - Gravity

Discovalley Records strikes back and ... fast!!! Unexpected? The 6th compilation is here to continue this tremendous rebellion in the deep roots of the psychedelic empire !!! Again selected by Dj Teo, the full content of the present tale related to u, will take u to a magic tribal odyssey, where u can start losing yourself in spooky atmospheres, or... finally, choose to lose your mind in the depths of these endless tunes... CHApoRAS Tribal Dance, will give u the chance, to break till now, all explored limits of trance!!! Imagine having alitia in the street of Chapora, in a psycho punko bar, tasting your last Chapora shot, sweeped away by the gravity of your narcotic trauma kill, surrounded by strange noise, u mutate into a century crasher... That was the ultimate psychopunch!!! Will u ever come back... ? This remains to be seen ...

Various Artists - Chaporas Tribal Dance: Front