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Various Artists - The Gathering 2007

Various Artists - The Gathering 2007
LabelVision Quest


01 Sari - Destiny
02 Switch - Sensation
03 Dune - Nepture
04 Pop Stream - Faith
05 Jason Bralli - Gotic (Waio Remix)
06 Eskimo - Sex A Holica
07 Dali - Colors Band (Live Edit)
08 Pixel & Wrecked Machines - Weekend
09 Alternative Control - Melodic Reality
10 Waio - Visual Distortion
11 Switch - Megasonics
12 Shanti - Brothers In Arms (Live Edit)
13 Dino & Domestic - Tuned In
14 Domestic - Big Time
15 Void - Super Star Dj
16 Skazi & Ami - Ace (Paranormal Attack Remix)
17 Astrix - Closer To Heaven
18 Talamasca - Party Generation Thanks To All Of You
19 Astrix - Techno Widows (GMS Remix)
20 E-Fact - Illusions

Perseverance is always rewarded! 3 Full days of sunny weather above The Gathering skies Japans biggest trance festival. Electronic music fans, organizers and artists alike were all delighted to be finally blessed with beautiful weather after a few years of heavy rain.

Mind-blowing footage and many unreleased tracks by your favorite artists. This DVD is 120 minutes of magnificent joy for hardcore fans. Additional camera crews were added to give you great angles of both artists and dancing crowds and a remarkable sunrise in the background of the stage for your visual pleasure. This is + 6 in the series of Vision Quest Gathering DVD's another delight for serious trance fans.

Expect the usual suspect's strong performance, Astrix, Alternative Control, Dali, Dino Psaras, Domestic, Pixel, Shanti and Void. The return of GMS on the Gathering Stage is simply exceptional. The upcoming generation softer touch from Dune, Pop Stream and Waio versus the Full speed electrifying outburst of Eskimo and Switch and finally, Talamasca long anticipated first Gathering powerful show with his peers will also astonish you.

You'll enjoy this DVD and wished you were there.