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Various Artists - The Void - Disintegration

Various Artists - The Void - Disintegration
LabelDark Prisma Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Megalopsy - Zazaz, Zazas, Nasatanada Zasas
02 Frantic Noise - Conciencia Forest
03 Pandoras Box vs Will O Wisp - Event Horizon
04 Ghreg on Earth - Bandwidth Shunyata
05 Cerebral Factory - Nia Kor
06 Megalopsy vs Xikwry Neyra - Shapeshifter
07 Polyphonia - Floating Away
08 Encephalopaticys - Spiritual Experience
09 Abyss Ooze - Disintegrating Serapis
10 Prisma - The Void (The Hidden Palace)

As psychedelic musicians and shamans we dive into The Void seeking sacred knowledge to assist the universe in its mission of endless transformation. This is our spell to invoke the aliens within us, this is our initiation, our rite of passage. Combining ancient techniques and present day tools, we forge our musical key to the door of divine secrets, we tear holes in the sky, pouring abyss ooze on the fabric of reality, we create our own mythology and we create our own future and our own destiny. As the Tibetan Chod ritual, this initiation starts by being devoured by the jaws of the The Void in the Disintegration process, where mind and body are melted to let the spirit leap into the Otherside. To guide this journey through the cosmic goo we have gathered audio explorers from all around the world to unfold this transformation.

From Argentina we have Megalopsy, Frantic Noise and the new artists Pandora's Box and Will O' Wisp, the collaboration project known as Abyss Ooze between Filter and Pandora's Box and also a collaboration between Megalopsy and Xikwri Neyra from Mexico, on the international side we have Polyphonia from Greece, Ghreg on Earth from USA, Encephalopatycis from Macedonia and the Swiss/French combination of Electrypnose and Karash known as Cerebral Factory. As an open conclusion the cd ends with a track by Prisma, the downtempo project from Filter, leading the way to the hidden palace. Once again Dark Prisma Records returns to the deep and alien side of psychedelic trance, materializing our explorations of the unknown territories of our consciousness in an audible format in the first cd from The Void Series. Compiled by Filter and mastered by Tim Schuldt, this cd was designed not only for pleasing its listeners but also as a tool for a transformation, use it wisely. This compilation also features the work of visionary artist Martin Barbero who designed and illustrated the aesthetic concept of the whole cd.