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Various Artists - Timeless

Various Artists - Timeless
LabelUtopia Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Audiotec - Tantra
02 Ultravoice - Psyde
03 Perplex - Cultures
04 Sixsense - Tropical Magic
05 Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert
06 Silent Scream - Twister
07 Ananda Shake - Dream Drop
08 Elec3 vs Toxic Toy - New Possibilities
09 Chemical Drive - Pause

Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert

'His family was away at the time, so he had a lot of fear that he had perhaps damaged his mind by doing this. He lay in bed at one point, his consciousness was up on the ceiling looking down at what he took to be his dead body.'

Various Artists - Timeless: Front