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Various Artists - Timetable

Various Artists - Timetable
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Earsugar - Timetable


01 Haldolium - All My Life (True Lies Remix)
02 Rocky - Priority
03 Earsugar - Randy Earcandy
04 N.O.K. vs Ritmo - Multistop
05 Dualsnug - 400 000 Stars Edit 2008
06 Symphonix - Music Prostitute (Symphonix Remix)
07 Side A - Acrylic
08 Human Traffic - Scout
09 2up vs True Lies - Pitch Control

Heaps of compilations are released every single day. Its getting really hard to listen to all of these to pick out only the very best, innovative tunes. The better there are certain clues for sophisticated music: Labels that go beyond the scope of standards. Blue Tunes records proved itself to be one of these clues within the huge soundscape of Progressive Trance.

A sophisticated selection of only very talented artists combined with a high approach concerning the production and mastering quality makes this label a reliable source for top-notch music. For this release label owners Montagu and Golkonda again compiled a variating collection of up-to-date Progressive Trance. Representing the scene itself it features a nice spectrum of styles, reaching from well-tested Progressive stuff to new school Trance stompers.

This CD is another definite prove that real Progressive Trance still exists. So what's next on the Timetable? Does not really matter- For one thing is sure:

It's only top-notch music.

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