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Various Artists - Twisted Vision

Various Artists - Twisted Vision
LabelHadra Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Barak - Twisted Vision


01 Barak - Insane Tentacle
02 Menog - Trance Human Extinction
03 Hyper Frequencies - L'Elektro Bo
04 Jahbo vs Shotu - Trigger Happy
05 Highko - Brain Vs CPU
06 Syntax Error - K-8
07 Shotu - Aarhus Virus
08 Phonic Request vs Akhoa - The Dead City
09 EVP - Evolution

DJ Leptit, aka Shotu, presents his first compilation gathering the essence of his Twisted Vision of psytrance, a reflection of the energy of his renowned DJ sets.The contributing artists were invited to bring their own ingredients to this experimental potion aiming to reach the perfect alchemy between dark and psychedelic styles.

To achieve this mission, two Danish artists have been invited: Syntax Error (the solo project of Jaffa from GOW) has come up with the most efficient "K-8" while Jahbo adds his "Trigger Happy" which emerged from a collaboration with Shotu in invigorating Scandinavia. German Highko produces a more elaborated spell in his highly innovating style and shaman-like Barak brings up sound waves strait from his Mexican jungle. E.V.P adds a fascinating British "Evolution" to the recipe and the unique melodies of Portuguese revelation Menog revolves around the whole project in hypnotic circles.

The French sorcerers have also left us speechless: Hyper Frequencies as well as Phonic Request & Akoha joined the magical circle initiated by Shotu and his new track "Aarhus Virus" in a majestic way.

Now it is your turn to get a taste of the formula and enter the Twisted Vision.

Various Artists - Twisted Vision: Front