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Various Artists - Ultravision v2

Various Artists - Ultravision v2
LabelUltravision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Ultravision V2


01 Brain Hunters - Solar Frequency
02 Brainwash - The Storm
03 Earworm - Extensive Damage
04 Ignition - Can You Feel It
05 Ex-Gen - Bankai
06 Speedball - Terror Step's
07 Sinful Reactions - Rythm Control
08 Delysid - Heart Beat V2
09 d.N.i - Agressive Lines
10 Shri Yantra - Insane Mind Control (d.N.i Edit)

This is the 2nd chapter of debut Ultravision Records compilation.

Do you remember the "Ultravision Story"???

Prepare yourself and your place for a new psychedelic travel on the space. This release features acts like :Brainwash (PT), Delysid (SP), Sinful Reaction(PT), Earworm (USA), Brain Hunters (MX), Speedball (MX), Ignition (PT), Ex-Gen (SP), Shri Yantra (PT) and also d.N.i (BR) that carefully selected this amazing compilation bringing fresh psychedelic music and a unforgettable experience. This sound will make you dance, and move your body in the rhythms of the night time music, to finally make part in the Ultravision Spirit.

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