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Vectro Electro - Rasta Blasta

Vectro Electro - Rasta Blasta
Typealbum, CD

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Vectro Electro - Rasta Blasta


01 Vectro Electro - Intro
02 Vectro Electro - Selecta
03 Vectro Electro - Monster Bash
04 Vectro Electro - Relief
05 Vectro Electro - Hyper Sapiens
06 Vectro Electro - Bdbyebye
07 Vectro Electro - Vectrolize
08 Vectro Electro - Poison
09 Vectro Electro - Jaggermeister
10 Vectro Electro - Abvgdeika

Vectro Electro has just thrown the book away when it comes to formula. Blazing his own trails has always been a big part of Haim's creative inspiration and with this totally new debut album he frees you from your mental asylum of conformity that has been gripping dance floors across the world. Vectro Electro opens the doors to a new world where party people are now free to redefine the status quo ruling over dance music today. From beginning to end you are treated to a new vision of psychedelic trance, full on, dark, totally mental, uplifting and even melodic in a refreshingly dissonant and surprisingly addictive way. Dance floors across the planet have reacted in explosions of blissful pleasure with each track having been proven in his exciting and creative live sets as well as by top DJs at festivals. Most important are the dancers who regard Vectro Electro as a pioneer bringing a new wave of style, production and creativity that translates into sounds that make your body electrified with life! Haim integrates the best of Electronic music styles such as drum & bass, electro, dance hall, trip hop, tech-punk and fuses them into a fresh new psychedelic trance variation that will never be forgotten. "Rasta Blasta will twist you like pasta and make you move fasta!"