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Vibra - For Sure

Vibra - For Sure
LabelWired Music
Typealbum, CD

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Vibra - For Sure


01 Vibra - Expose
02 Vibra - Lose Control
03 Vibra - Jackass
04 Vibra - Vacation Trip
05 Vibra - Step On It
06 Vibra - Just Fuck
07 Vibra - On Titl
08 Vibra - For Sure
09 Vibra - Runner Runner

One of the great names of Psy trance scene in Brazil, VIBRA, launches compilation turned to full on trance and mixing elements of house, minimal and techno, creating its fusion of traditional styles. The highlights of this release are the tracks: Lose Control, Just Fuck and Step On It.
Lose Control is great to start a set because the music maintains a quite dancing groove with samples and effects of female voice to give a sexy atmosphere, the metal timbres and elastic help to supplement the base keeping the groove until the point it becomes a quite intense melody.
Just Fuck is another sound in line groove, and makes a big success on the dance floor. The track is very pulsed and cheerful, and has a sample in English that says, "Don't smoke cigarettes, Don't use drugs, Don't quit at night, only Fuck!".

Step On It, this track is quite characteristic of the sound style that VIBRA is exploring recently in the studio, the track has a quite quick base, with the kick and low quite characteristic of the full on, although the percussion and elements that complement the base timbre are characteristic of techno and minimal. This track also has a sample of voice in English sticking the idea of risking money in luck, in betting. The track is very aggressive and pass into a quite intense groove in the middle to let anyone fool, with effects and timbre characteristic of techno and minimal.
The compilation with the swing of the brazilian psy trance is one of the promises of Wired Music for the end of this year.

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