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Virtual Light - Livewire Voodoo

Virtual Light - Livewire Voodoo
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Virtual Light - Live Wire Voodoo


01 Virtual Light - Infected (With Random)
02 Virtual Light - Castlevania
03 Virtual Light - Concentration Camp
04 Virtual Light - Crystalis
05 Virtual Light - Dear Human
06 Virtual Light - Grim Leaper
07 Virtual Light - Nuclear Sun
08 Virtual Light - X-Perimental (With Intersys)
09 Virtual Light - Robot Revolution (With Wizack Twizack)
10 Virtual Light - Radeon Radio

VIRTUAL LIGHT, Canada native based in Montreal delivers the long awaited debut album comprising his most magical dance floor hits all in one mind warping package. Virtual Light's style is an un-quantifiable hybrid of full on morning psytrance that takes up from the melodic and mental romping grounds of Logic Bomb and then is injected deep into the mainframe where your DNA is recoded into tiny digital nano-bots and you are reborn in the matrix as new form of life. Each track is a tale of adventure and survival chronicling the possible fate of humankind in a world where life is about enjoying each and every moment to the fullest and to relentlessly create a better world for humankind. As the first track starts out (an incredible odyssey co-created with Ross Dubois aka San Francisco based producer, Random) your are instantly catapulted into the matrix via a series of cell scanning holographic re-construction and INFECTED by the matrix. Your bits are transferred to the deepest dungeons of CASTLEVANIA where the mad psyentists begin their tests on you and the other prisoners in the CONCENTRATION CAMP forcing you to dance and have fun. When you wake you find your self woven into a mystic CRYSTALIS. As you shed your DEAR HUMAN body and bold arise to become a new form of life custom built to dance, the GRIM LEAPER. Now in your new digenetically designed body you can survive the expanded spectrum of our NUCLEAR SUN. Though your hybrid form is still X-PERIMENTAL you know you can save the world and tranceform humanity! It is a ROBOT REVOLUTION so don't miss this experience. Tune in on RADEON RADIO for more details
Back in the real world Vince aka Virtual Light is a relentless dj, party promoter, graphic/clothes designer and a world class top shelf international psy-producer as well. His Dj and Live sets have been known to send dance floors to other planets and back and his unique style of uplifting full on psychedelic trance is nothing short of amazing! His first artists release was in 2006 on legendary VA compilation "PSYCHIC CHAKRA". Since then he's had over 20 more popular releases on some of the most well known labels in psytrance including Nano, Kagdilla, Psytropic, Goa Rec, Digital Drugs, Hearts Eye Rec and the Geomagnetic label family. Look for many more hit releases coming soon! Virtual Light has a successful side project with Random entitled "Random Light" that also has a full album coming soon.

Free Track Nuclear Sun

Virtual Light - Livewire Voodoo: Front