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Skyloops - Insane

Skyloops - Insane
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Skyloops - Insane


01 Skyloops - Intro
02 Skyloops - Roll Out
03 Skyloops - Uncensored
04 Skyloops - Computers
05 Skyloops - Modern Stimulation
06 Skyloops - Life Out There
07 Skyloops - One Hundred Million Stars
08 Skyloops - Evolution
09 Skyloops - Let's Go
10 Skyloops - We Are Connected
11 Skyloops - Outro

Get ready to go "Insane" as you enjoy the debut album from Skyloops, the psychedelic trance project of Sebastian Strazza and Mariana Zarankin from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Expect a hybrid sound of dirty retro electro goa pumped up with hard raspy acid techno and drenched with layers of psychedelic trance. They give us a full range of sounds and a full range of beats per minute pushing the edge of the morning full on genre into 155 bpp! But wait! Its not hard dark wacky psy instead prepare for a new genre defying leap into the stratosphere and beyond and you are propelled into orbit wizzing by satellites and aliens! Skyloops dynamic duo are both musicians since the age of 14 years old, they meet each other at beginning of 2000 and since then where involve in different projects and the psychedelic music get into their minds. At the end of 2004 Sebastian starts his carer as a dj playing with artists like Sesto Sento, Cycle Sphere, Ferbi Boys, Analog Pussy, Azax Syndrom, Rinkadink, System Nypel, Electro Sun, Chromossome, Andromeda, Alternative Control, Zen Mechanics, Altom, etc; and with Mariana start to produce psytrance parties called Under Attack. Later the feeling for music get so strong that they start to produce psychedelic music and with this new project they are making their dream come true, the dream of express what is in their souls. On 2008 Skyloops has joined Geomagnetic . We will see the things that this couple is going to give us!

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