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X.S.I - Warning Zone

X.S.I - Warning Zone
LabelMind Control Records
Typealbum, CD


01 X.S.I - Another World
02 X.S.I - Galaxy
03 X.S.I - I'm Still Here
04 X.S.I - Blackout
05 X.S.I - Warning Zone
06 X.S.I - The Force
07 X.S.I - Overzone
08 X.S.I - My House Is Your House
09 X.S.I - A Vision
10 X.S.I - X-tra Sound Independant

Mind Control records is proud to present XSI, they are a new French band composed by three people, who are actually 3 DJs who met and decided to make music together. DJ Bio aka Jean-Marc Segondy (27 years), DJ Cyril aka Cyril Montagnet (26 years) and DJ Spawn aka Barthelemy Bayona (21 years). They started making music together under the project name 'X.S.I' in 2003 and released their first track, 'Vision', in 2004.

X.S.I - Warning Zone: Front