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Z - Revo

Z - Revo
LabelShivlink Records
Typealbum, CD

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01 Z - One
02 Z - Ego & It 2009
03 Z - Do It !
04 Z - Marimbacore
05 Z - B.Q.
06 Z feat. Penta - Revo
07 Z - Mopsthechineseduck (M.T.C.D)
08 Z - Hungarian Folk Freak
09 Z - No Farscape

Revo is the first album to be released by Z the talented German duo who wake your burning desire to dance every time you hear them. Their very essence lies in this twilight/dark styled composition that promises a journey you've never experienced before. Z is known for their revolutionary harmonies which stretch the common formula most of today's electronic music is based on. The album features 8 extraordinary mind bending tracks written and produced by Alpha and Antagon (who combine their talent to form Z) and one which is in collaboration with Penta. The famous individuals hail from the renowned VooV family and have showcased their virtuoso live performance at literally every trance festival across Europe. They are now set for their world tour subsequent to the release of Revo'.

Z - Revo: Front