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Zirkin - Dance Show 3

Zirkin - Dance Show 3
LabelDoof Records
Typealbum, CD

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Zirkin - Dance Show 3


01 Zirkin - Frizzly Jungle Dog
02 Zirkin - The Bedouin Monks
03 Zirkin - Marcus Aurelius
04 Zirkin - Age-Roll
05 Zirkin - Sonic Chant
06 Zirkin - Super Song
07 Zirkin - Burning Blue
08 Zirkin - Mental House
09 Zirkin - I Am The Dude, Man!

Get ready for the psychedelic full power summer release, "Dance Show 3", by the well known Shahar Zirkin.After two successful albums and many years of producing, playing at major events and storming dance floors around the globe, Zirkin is ready to present his third album which will be released on Doof Records. This well produced master piece contains nine fresh and exiting unreleased tracks, which will conquer the dance floor with deep dark sounds and a powerful beat. Psychedelic Trance at its best, fresh and energetic bought for your feet and minds.It's a must in every home collection and a ticket to a tripy wonder world.