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Last Possible Solution

ReleasesCD: 7


Various Artists - UnhingedLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0012004
Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Kick Drum InertiaLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0022004
Various Artists - Symptoms of ComplianceLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0032005
Serious Porn Collector - UserLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0042005
Various Artists - Denial and ErrorLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0052006
R.A.M. - KillerbitesLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0062007
Serious Porn Collector - AbuserLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0072007
Various Artists - Unhinged Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Kick Drum Inertia Various Artists - Symptoms of Compliance Serious Porn Collector - User Various Artists - Denial and Error R.A.M. - Killerbites Serious Porn Collector - Abuser