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R.A.M. - Killerbites

R.A.M. - Killerbites
LabelLast Possible Solution
Typealbum, CD


01 R.A.M. - Entree
02 R.A.M. - Mushroom PI
03 R.A.M. - Cole's Law Part 2
04 R.A.M. - Practical Yoke
05 R.A.M. - Primordial Soup
06 R.A.M. - The Beef Jerk
07 R.A.M. - Cereal Killer
08 R.A.M. - Porker
09 R.A.M. - Half Baked
10 R.A.M. - Fully Baked

The much anticipated 6th release from Last Possible Solution features some of the freshest and most innovative electronic music ever to come out of the UK!

From the brutal twisted techno sounds of "Mushroom Pi", the freaked out beats of "Primordial Soup" and the raw farmyard antics of "Porker", Killer Bites" is a taste of things to come!

From dangerously dark "Cereal Killer" to the smoked out finale of "Fully Baked", this album is an absolute must for any serious DJ., making this the genre defining releases this Millennium!

Feast Your Ears.