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Azax Syndrom - Evolution

Azax Syndrom - Evolution
Label3D Vision Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Azax Syndrom - Warewolf
02 Azax Syndrom - The Policy
03 Azax Syndrom - World Of Illusion
04 Azax Syndrom - Existence
05 Azax Syndrom - Rain V2
06 Azax Syndrom - Downstairs Remix
07 Azax Syndrom - Flawless Victory
08 Azax Syndrom - Simulated Disorder
09 Azax Syndrom - Cognetive Insident

Staying true to the label's reputation, 3d Vision and the legendary Azax Syndrom bring us another blockbuster dancefloor pummmeler with his new album, "Evolution". This CD is the perfect heating device for cold winter nights bangin' nocturnal psychedelic tunage is just what the body needs to amp up your energy and keep your limbs moving through the chill. Nine huge tracks are on this album, each one loaded with heavily acidic and metal guitar flavor, with heavy dosages of spook and heebie-jeebies as an added sweetener. You will be hearing this album many times over at parties and clubs around the world soon; Azax built these tracks strong and perfectly compatible with nighttime full-on or darkpsy insanity!

Upcoming bookings Israel, Germany, Japan, Austria and festivals across Europe!