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Bushman - Unhuman

Bushman - Unhuman
LabelSpun Records
Typealbum, CD

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Bushman - Unhuman


01 Bushman - Mickey Finn
02 Bushman - Psychonaut
03 Bushman - Little Snitch
04 Bushman - Rhythmic Device
05 Bushman - Unhuman
06 Earthling vs Bushman - Waking Life (Remix)
07 Bushman - Culture Shock
08 Bushman - Proton Accelerator
09 Bushman - Flatliner

Tavis Buschman aka Bushman' has been in the Trance scene since it's dawning in Ibiza. Pioneering in Party Organization in the early nineties, he moved on to studio production early this millennium. He has worked with GMS, Shanti, Earthling, and Paul Taylor, just to name a few. He has also played live and Dj'd around the world, touring Japan, Brazil, America and of course Europe, including the Spun Records / Crystal Matrix Freedom festival in 2005.

The first album named Unhuman, is an unstoppable beast that stays true to Psychedelic Trance like very few others. The labor of five hard years can be heard throughout this amazing grandiosely schemed feature.

Right through your veins Buschman busts out a "Mickey Finn", an amazing jump starter, followed by his rolling "Psychonaut", made with his accomplices Earthling and Poli. Other highlights include the remix of Waking Life a old school trance track made with Celli Firmi, Paul Taylor and Wayan Blue, who all together bust out some grinding kick ass stuff. Also in the pipe on this CD is work done with the Irish Pleiadien Renegade of Intergalactic Communications who is revolutionizing trance as we speak.

This original trance delight is a millstone in our recent history. By bringing together the raw energies of early trance with the new technologies and hardware, he has created a masterpiece that rock dance-floors to the brim. Tavis Bushman is a steadfast and gifted artisan who has gotten down and dirty to bring of ultra sonic audio welfare in the magnitude of a supernova. You cannot tame this beast of a debut album; it will rock your socks off.

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