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Poli - Electric Wonders

Poli - Electric Wonders
LabelSpun Records
Typealbum, CD

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Poli - Electric Wonders


01 Poli - Dig Music (GMS Remix)
02 Poli - Majestic
03 Poli - Poltor
04 Poli - Our World
05 Poli - Cause I Just
06 Poli - Universal (Remix)
07 Poli - Spin Zone
08 Poli - Humanoid Typhoon
09 Poli - Cyber Storm
10 Poli - Ibiza

Electric Wonders is the Debut Album of Poli, aka Austin Matkin.

He has been a professional DJ, since 1996 playing at gigs all over the world, notably Brazils 2000 Transcendence, Japans Solstice and across the US club scene from N.Y. to L.A.

This adventure into trance is a culmination of notes that drives the masses at a dazzling top groove. On this CD from Spun Records, you will also find many interesting collaborations.

Poli - Electric Wonders: Front