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Cosmic Tone - Singularity

Cosmic Tone - Singularity
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cosmic Tone - Cosmic Tone - Singularity


01 Cosmic Tone - Open The Gate
02 Cosmic Tone - Important News
03 Cosmic Tone feat. Aquatica - Smack The Power Up
04 Cosmic Tone - Psycosmic Sound
05 Cosmic Tone feat. Visual Paradox - Katyushka
06 Cosmic Tone - I Volume
07 Cosmic Tone - Title War
08 Cosmic Tone - Avanero Spice
09 Cosmic Tone - Stereo Crystal
10 Cosmic Tone - Source Of Life

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the release of Cosmic Tone – Singularity CD. Singularity CD is Cosmic Tone's 4th featured album, and is definitely his strongest release till date.

Cosmic Tone's long fruitful quest has been launched back in 2001 with the release of Overwhelming CD, Cosmic Tone's unprecedented debut album, which quickly placed him side by side with the scenes progressive trance leaders.

Throughout his career, and as expected of artists with such caliber and musical influence, The Cosmic Tone sound has kept evolving, maturing, yet leaving the significant Cosmic Tone sound we have all been effected by.

The Cosmic Tone sound has developed into a more full-on oriented style of trance, yet still bearing the strong emotional aspects and power of his initial direction and much apparent musical signature.
Cosmic Tone's sound is 100dance floor music, directed and aimed to satisfy the people on the dance floor, excellent sound and highly melodic and kicking, it fits perfectly a multitude of scenarios, it doesn’t matter of you are driving your car, sitting at home or in a party, Singularity CD will definitely fit and please you.

Cosmic Tone has and is performing heavily all over the world, on pretty much any respected stage in Europe, constantly pushing his abilities and skill forward, testing the limitation of sound and its production.

Cosmic Tone's tracks have been featured in over 40 compilations under respected labels worldwide, more new tracks are expected to be released in the next few months.

Singularity includes 10 previously unreleased tracks, all strong, vibrant and addictive, it includes 2 exciting collaborations, Smack the Power up – featuring Aquatica, definitely one of the summers recognized hits. Katyushka - featuring Visual Paradox (Dj Bog), with a totally uplifting fresh hit.

Cosmic Tone's has definitely cooked up a marvelous meal with singularity, delivering new and exciting grooves, pushing aside the conservative, repetitive Full-on and introducing a fresh scent to the dance floor.

Singularity combines strong elements of progressive sound with the massive psychedelic Full-on production, sound which is highly powerful, perfectly orchestrated taking the listener through a true Trance experience.

Singularity placing you in front of the music!!!

Cosmic Tone feat. Visual Paradox - Katyushka

I got everything, I got beanies
I got black beauties
I got pink or yellow jackets
Reds, rock, speed, acid
Er, texas-valium
Chinese ladies
I got everything here man, you name it, I got it
I got a pill make you throw up and don't worry about it
I got a pill make you throw up and die
I got another pill that make you dumb, so hard!
You could fuck half a Hong Kong, I'm telling you