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Lish - Fresh Single Malt Remixes

Lish - Fresh Single Malt Remixes
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Lish - Lish - Fresh - Single Malt Remixes


01 Lish - Fresh (Flowjob Remix)
02 Lish - Fresh (V-Tunes Remix)
03 Lish - Fresh (Phonosys Remix)
04 Lish - Fresh (Fusi & Johnson Remix)
05 Lish - Fresh (Vibrasphere Remix)
06 Lish - Fresh (Blackout Remix)
07 Lish - Fresh (N.O.K. Remix)
08 Lish - Fresh (Cosmic Tone Remix)
09 Lish - Fresh (Solarians Remix)

Expect another magical journey through uplifting groovy sounds.

Its been a hell of a year for Lish, performing all over the world, promoting their amazing album release Free Fall CD, which was released in 2005, producing more and more infectious tracks on respected compilations all over the world.

Free Fall CD has with no doubt placed Lish as one of the leaders of the Global progressive trance scene.Their massive kicking groovy direction has been heavily featured all over the globe, covering locations such as Brazil, Mexico, Israel and all over Europe, performing in Festivals such as Soulclipse (Turkey), Boom Festival (Portugal) and Tshitraka Festival (Germany) etc..

Com.Pact records is delighted to announce the release of Fresh - Single Malt Remix's CD project, featuring today's leading progressive trance artists.Fresh has been released on Lish's luscious CD, Free Fall, and has instantly became a huge hit worldwide, practically played aggressively by all of the Top Dj's and artists roaming this earth.Fresh - Single Malt CD, includes 8 blasting remix's to this fine tracks, each exclusively produced for this special release, brilliantly executed to preserve the Lish ideas, incorporated by each artists drive and direction.

The CD includes massive remix's by FlowJob, V-Tunes, Vibrasphere, Cosmic Tone, Solarians, Blackout, Nok, and the new promising act Phonosys.

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