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UltraVoice - The Star Alliance

UltraVoice - The Star Alliance
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ultravoice - The Star Alliance


01 Ultravoice vs Liroy - Whiplash
02 Power Source - Vorlan (Ultravoice Remix)
03 Illumination & Ultravoice - Imagination (Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind Remix)
04 Ultravoice vs Perplex - The Second Ring Of Power
05 Ultravoice vs Rizo - Keep It Real
06 Ultravoice vs Bizzare Contact - Ultrabizzy (Aquatica vs Apocalypse Remix)
07 Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Computer Music (Bizzare Contact Remix)
08 Ultravoice - African (Mahamudra Remix)
09 Ultravoice vs Aquatica - Diamond Sky (Indra vs Genetic Syndrome Remix)

Ultravoice is definitely one of the more exciting acts roaming the global psychedelic trance scene.

The Ultravoice journey has begun back in 2002, and has been highly prosperous ever since, reaching more and more locations all over the world, infecting, effecting and impacting more and more people all over the world.

The Ultravoice sound can be best described, as strong, thick, juicy full-on trance, enhanced with wide, deep atmospheres and just the right melodic touches.The Star Alliance is a new and exciting project by Ultravoice, which holds under his belt the releases of 2 featured artist albums, Art of Voice, Magical Sound Factory, Compiled the highly successful High Way Compilation (Com.Pact Rec. 2005), and over 60 tracks released on respected labels all over the world, such as: Com.Pact Rec., Alchemy rec., Phonokol Rec., Spiral trax int., Utopia Rec., Substical Rec., Sirius Rec., Noga Rec., Vortex Rec., Moonstone Rec., Ajuca prod., G-Echoes rec., etcFor 2006 Ultravoice serves this delicious dish - The Star Alliance CD!

UltraVoice - The Star Alliance: Front