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Cyrus The Virus - Virtuoso

Cyrus The Virus - Virtuoso
LabelVision Quest
Typealbum, CD


01 Cyrus The Virus - The Gatherig
02 Cyrus The Virus - Quantum Mechanics
03 Cyrus The Virus - 2 Be Or Not 2 Be
04 Cyrus The Virus - Virtuoso
05 Cyrus The Virus - Acid System
06 Cyrus The Virus - All I Need
07 Cyrus The Virus - Kingdome Of Heaven
08 Cyrus The Virus - Innocence
09 Cyrus The Virus - Out Of Time

Virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability at singing or playing a musical instrument. It is also the name of the second studio album of Cyrus The Virus, the Solo project of Jan Willam Bot, one of todays top electronic producers in Amsterdam Holland.

The name itself and it's meaning is the essens of Cyrus The Virus's second album, a collaboartion with some of his closests friends such as "Shanti Matkin", "Atomic Pulse", "POP Stream", and others showing us track by track the outstanding ability of Cyrus The Virus to manipulate sounds and emotion into powerfull fullon dance floor journeys.

Listen, dance, and tune into your inner VIRTUOSO.

Cyrus The Virus - Virtuoso: Front