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Day Din - Speakers Corner

Day Din - Speakers Corner
LabelSpin Twist Records
Typealbum, CD

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Day Din - Speakers Corner


01 Day Din - All Good Things
02 Day Din - Rapture
03 Day Din - Daypod
04 Day Din - Half A Life
05 Day Din - Popup
06 Day Din - Interlude I
07 Day Din - Just Free
08 Day Din - This Is The Love
09 Day Din - Interlude II
10 Day Din - Back & Forth
11 Day Din - Reflected

Spintwist is proud to present the debut album 'Speakers Corner' by one of Germanys most promising names in later years, Day.Din.

Behind the name Day.Din we find Deniz Aydin from Hamburg, a city not only with a rich musical scene in general but also a city which has spawned some of the biggest names in the German and international psytrance scene through the years.

Day.Din is a member of Glamour Studios with Neelix, Fabio and Alfredo Garcia, and in the past he has released tracks on labels like YSE, Blue Tunes, Planet B.E.N., Solarsiv, Liquid Crystal Music and of course Spintwist - all showcasing his talent in combining kicking progressive psychedelic beats with dreamy atmospheres and catchy harmonies. With this album he is crossing the frontier of progressive trance and goa just to raise his former limits and also presents his abilities in fresh electro and techno influenced tunes.

Currently Day.Din is already touring Europe where he is not only showcasing his massive liveset but also is rocking the masses with his impressive DJ skills.

You can expect that this album will be played up by lots of DJ's this summer!

Day Din - Speakers Corner: Front