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Various Artists - New Perspective

Various Artists - New Perspective
LabelSpin Twist Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 DJ Martin - Silent Of True
02 Liquid Soul - Born In A New World (Deep Remix)
03 Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Vaishiyas Remix)
04 Manuel Duego - Flamenco
05 Luna Spice - Remember It
06 Motion Drive - Deep Throat
07 Blackout - In-Joy 2007 Remix
08 Symphonix - Disagree
09 Na-T - Feel The Night

Get ready for 'New Perspective' - a brand new release from Spintwist Records compiled by the upcoming Israeli act Blackout, who has caused quite a stir lately with releases on labels like Com.Pact, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Planet B.E.N., Moonstone and of course Spintwist Records.

One the compilation we find one of the strongest lineups so far from Spintwist - Swiss progressive star Liquid Soul presents a deep remix of one of his greatest tracks, 'Born In A New World', and also from Switzerland is DJ Martin (half of Earsugar with Liquid Soul) and Motion Drive (the new sideproject for Rumble Pack). From France we present a track by Luna Spice, who are well-known for their deep and warm sound, and from Germany we have two tunes - one is by the golden Woetanowski brothers Symphonix project, and the other is Vaishiyas' blasting remix of Vibraspheres superhit 'Floating Free'.

Finally we have 3 tracks from the holy land of Israel - this country is really a hotspot for new, interesting progressive acts at the moment and here we present 3 names to look out for: Manuel Duego, who has already appeared on big labels like Iboga, Flow and VP. NA-T, a fresh upcoming act, and of course a track by Blackout themselves.

Groovy and delightful progressive trance brought to you from the Spintwist Records headquarters to a dancefloor near you!

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