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Derek Carr - The Digital Space Race

Derek Carr - The Digital Space Race
LabelPsychonavigation Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Derek Carr - Horizons
02 Derek Carr - Butterfly
03 Derek Carr - 678
04 Derek Carr - Juvenile
05 Derek Carr - Letters
06 Derek Carr - Dilated Beyond Belief
07 Derek Carr - Sis
08 Derek Carr - Deported Emotion
09 Derek Carr - Womb
10 Derek Carr - Grassy Plains
11 Derek Carr - Surrounded By Nature (Edit)

Derek Carr is one of Ireland's unsung heroes of soulful techno. Derek has been making music for almost 2 decades now (if you include his early experiments as a 14 year old with a Casio sampler). Following many releases over the past 7 years on a wide variety of electronic labels now comes his highly anticipated debut album for Psychonavigation Records. The Digital Space Race' compiles ten tracks of sublime electronic music that can be enjoyed equally in the stoned privacy of your home or on the dance floor. For fans of John Beltran, B12, The Black Dog, Carl Craig this is an essential record