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Eat Static - De-Classified

Eat Static - De-Classified
LabelSolstice Music International
Typealbum, CD

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Eat Static - De-Classified


01 Eat Static - Invasion
02 Eat Static - Sucker Unit
03 Eat Static - Trantaloid
04 Eat Static - Deadly Amphibian
05 Eat Static - Sin-Quest
06 Eat Static - Tractor Beam
07 Eat Static - Pachama
08 Eat Static - Visitors
09 Eat Static - Brassneck
10 Eat Static - De-Classified

The globally awaited new album from techno/trance gods Eat Static, dedicated to all dance music fans, finally emerges as a Solstice Music worldwide release!

Eat Static was formed by former Ozric Tentacles' drummer Merv Pepler, bearing the banner of neo psychedelic rock, and Ozric keyboardist extraordinaire Joie Hinton. Since then, the charismatic unit has enjoyed cult-like popularity in both Europe and America, ushering in the dawn of the early 90's rave scene along with The Prodigy, Orbital, Leftfield and 808 State.

Their unique, legend-sprinkled career is musically reflected in their newest album "De-Classified". Groove master Merv is in complete control of colorful rhythm patterns ranging from hard-line four on the floor to bottom-heavy breaks, while synth wizard Joie adds dimension to the tracks with a plethora of trippy sounds. These rare talents unite break beats, drum'n'bass, chill, techno and trance into a richly eclectic blend of styles that animate the soundscape like no other, shaping the ether of this extremely original album.

Many top DJs and renowned producers from various genres count themselves as Eat Static fans. The classic Eat Static track, "Gulf Breeze" (Sasha's Afrosashoz Mix) recorded on Sasha's mega hit mix CD "Involver", represents the level of respect they've earned from a wide variety of fields. "De-Classified" is a release they proudly dedicate not only to Eat Static fans but also to all dance music fans alike.

In harmony with this collosal release, Eat Static are receiving constant offers to play at various outdoor festivals all around the world in such events as the UK Glastonbury Festival, renowned as the world's best; the UK's outdoor Glade Festival, which is gaining an upward reputation; and Italy's Sonica Festival, a highly acclaimed festival extolled by travelers all around the world. Once again proving their pull and popularity, Eat Static are ready to take the world by storm! New chapters of the Eat Static legend will be written this summer with the launch of "De-Classified"...

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