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Far East Ghost - Welcome To Psychedelic Hell

Far East Ghost - Welcome To Psychedelic Hell
LabelTrip Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Far East Ghost - The Steel Slayer
02 Far East Ghost feat. DJ Travel - One Shot, One Kill
03 Far East Ghost vs Noise Gust - ZK-01
04 Far East Ghost - Another Dimension
05 Far East Ghost - War Dance
06 Far East Ghost vs Hishiryo - Stormbringer
07 Far East Ghost - Electric Octopus
08 Far East Ghost - Beast Feast
09 Far East Ghost - Pandemonium
10 Far East Ghost - Do You Believe In God?
11 Far East Ghost - Welcome To Psychedelic Hell (Bonus Track)

Trip Records is very proud to announce the debut album of Far East Ghost "Welcome to psychedelic hell".

Takeomi Matsuura, the artist behind the project "Far East Ghost", is based in Tokyo, Japan and has been pushing the hardcore Japanese psychedelic beats all over the world. He has previously released tracks on U.K. labels Last Possible Solution and Ambivalent Records and a collaboration with renowned Russian producer CPC will be released on Manic Dragon Records next compilation. In 2006 he signed with new Japanese label Trip Records. His track "Widow Maker" on their first compilation "Buddha Power" received worldwide acclaim. In March/2007 he is scheduled to release his debut album "Welcome to psychedelic hell".

The 11 tracked album including 2 collaboration tracks ("ZK-01" is made with notorious Japanese dark-psy producer "Noise Gust" and "Stormbringer" is made with French representing producer "Hishiryo") drag the dancers into a psychedelic hell!

Additionally he has been involved in a collaboration with ex-Megadeth
guitarist Marty Friedman in a new trance project "Zeta", which combined the psychedelic and rock elements to bring the music to another level, and released their debut album on Japanese label Farm Records in April 2006.

Far East Ghost - Welcome To Psychedelic Hell: Front
Far East Ghost - Welcome To Psychedelic Hell: Back