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Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit

Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit
LabelShaman Films Records
Typealbum, CD

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Fragletrollet - Playground of Spirit


01 Unknown Cause - Human Alien
02 Fragletrollet - Alien Human
03 Fragletrollet - The Forest Spirit
04 Fragletrollet - Beauty Of Duality
05 Fragletrollet - Reptilian Regime
06 Fragletrollet - Manik 11 (Knights Of The Awakening)
07 Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit

From the forests of Norway comes the epic tale of Magnus aka Fragletrollet. A non stop seamingless sonic voyage

Deep into the realms of the enchanted Scandinavian lands.. Come and explore The playground of spirit and let the music speak for itself..

Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit: Front